Vídeos Interessantes


TED Talks

E tem brasileiro, SIM, dando TEDx Talks sobre o problema!

Rodrigo Sabatini:

Fernanda Danelon:

Com legendas apenas em inglês, por enquanto:


Vídeo geral do Story of Stuff. Legendas em português disponíveis.

Animação sobre o impacto do ser humano no meio ambiente (uma reflexão muito bacana):

9 comentários sobre “Vídeos Interessantes

    • mdastro disse:

      Thank you very much for such nice comment Nik! I am writing in Portuguese because I think I have the responsibility of spreading this word to Brazilians. Not all of us speak English and I wanted to do something more democratic over here. Let’s see if it works out! Thanks a lot!!! 🙂

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      • Weinlaie disse:

        Fair enough Maria!
        I started my blog in German, but I want the international exchange of experience – so I continue in English now. 🙂 I have just realized that it is logical to continue like this. Otherwise there would not be any conversation between you and me now. 😉
        But I have to admit, the purpose of my blog is totally different to yours. Chapeau, I love your idealism.

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      • mdastro disse:

        Thank you very much. It is something that I have been doing myself to damp my own footprint, but I think it’s important to (try at least) to inspire others. We have been too negligent with our environment. This must stop pronto.

        Yes, the goals of both blogs are different. I thought about writing in English, but it wouldn’t have the same effect locally. Who knows one day I’ll have two blog pages, one in English and one in Portuguese. Who knows. But I’ll probably take that step much further in the future. 🙂

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  1. Weinlaie disse:

    It is very important and I can only encourage you to continue and not to stop. It is people like you who change things, not the politicans! This spirit needs to be kept alive. We are doing quite well here in Germany with environmental care, but we do not make a difference, globally (unfortunately).

    Interesting enough that wine was our first connector, but we seem to have more in common. 😉

    Peace, Maria! 😀

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    • mdastro disse:

      Awesome, Nik! Yes, I know things are very different in Germany and I think it’s amazing! You guys use 75% of organic “trash” to create biogas and soil fertilizer! It’s the coolest thing ever! Globally you are giving the example. Sometimes, it’s all we need to go further.

      Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eXRfynD-M8

      Let’s do our part of the deal and hope that it’ll inspire others. 🙂

      Yes, wine lovers are the coolest people ever! Great that we have more in common than just wine.

      Peace and cheers! 😉

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  2. Weinlaie disse:

    Yes I think we are doing okay over here. Our house has 4 waste bins: paper, plastic, organic & “anything else”. I learned separating waste since I was a kid. It is part of our education.
    When I was in Indonesia I realized how important it is to start such things already in Kindergarten. They threw everything everywhere… this paradise is being “thrashed”. Maybe it is similar in Brazil. I will surely check the link. 🙂

    And regarding the things we already have in common:
    A wine lover who likes rock&roll and cares about our mother earth is rare – and a lovely combination. 😉

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    • mdastro disse:

      Really cool, I also have separate bins, but just because I bought it myself and take it myself to recycling (no joke). It will be one of my future posts. And, yes, it stats with the children and Brazil is being completely trashed away. This is why it bothers me so much. My next door neighbors mix plastic with organics, etc. I will soon participate on our apartment complex administration meeting and probably will suggest green changes. Let’s see if it will work. 🙂
      By the way, thanks for such nice comment. 🙂 Let’s rock on! 😛

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  3. Weinlaie disse:

    Right, you have been here twice, so I guess you took notice of the German way to separate waste. Almost every household has at least three different bins. We have one additional fourth for organic waste. This usually ends up in the “anything else” bin. But it is more and more common to have the additional fourth organic waste bin.
    I guess your initiative can be fruitful if you addressed the people directly in such meetings.
    So ‘hey ho, let’s go’! 😉

    Most welcome Maria. 🙂

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